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I fought the Sex Ray: Jason Williams crowdfunded Buch über Flesh Gordon!

I fought the Sex Ray: Jason Williams crowdfunded Buch über Flesh Gordon!

Jason Williams Darsteller in infamen Filmen wie “Flesh Gordon” und dem Pornomusicalmärchen “Alice in Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Fantasy” hat ein Kickstarter Projekt gestartet. In dem 230 Seiten dicken Buch erzählt der einstige B-Movie Star von seinen Erlebnissen im trashigen Teil der Filmwelt. Hier der offizielle Pressetext zum Buch:

Actor/Producer Jason Williams’ memoir I Fought the Sex Ray launches on 
Hollywood, CA  8/23/2016 – In the early 70s, science fiction films had 
become serious business if not serious box office. After 2001: A Space 
Odyssey and Planet of the Apes, major Hollywood studios made sure their sci 
fi movies either had a social message or altered consciousness. It took one 
movie to change all that – and not the one you’re thinking of.
A group of rebel filmmakers banded together in Hollywood to turn out 
something light, frothy, and based on Flash Gordon. But it wasn’t George 
Lucas’ Star Wars – it was Flesh Gordon. An erotic spoof that changed two 
film industries, this forgotten gem made $5 million from a $500k budget in 
1974, showing Hollywood that science fiction could be fun again. It also 
launched the careers of artists who would revolutionize Hollywood special 
effects, including Rick Baker (An American Werewolf in London), Dennis 
Muren (Star Wars) and Greg Jein (Close Encounters of the Third Kind).
Actor Jason Williams was right in the middle of it, an All-American kid 
from Orange County who went from college football to fighting the perils of 
Planet Porno and beyond. In his new memoir I Fought the Sex Ray, Jason 
talks about wearing spandex to orgies, fighting the dreaded Penisaurus, and 
making sure you never let your cape catch on fire. His journey took him to 
the heart of Hollywood glamour and the seediest edges of America as he went 
on to make both gritty crime films and more erotic spoofs.
Written with Derek McCaw, I Fought the Sex Ray is a rollicking Hollywood 
memoir that captures life on the Sunset Strip as well as trips to the 
Playboy Mansion. Jason wants to create a special first edition for his 
fans, and launches his Kickstarter campaign today. Backers can choose 
between a hardcover or softcover edition, which will include a signed 
replica of the movie poster.
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